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Since September 2009, when we opened the doors of Paws Memorial Service, we have provided aftercare services for some of the most cherished members of our families. It has been our great privilege to be here to comfort and support our pet families during their time of loss and grief, and to take care of their babies with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We would like to say Thank You back to those who wanted something special for their beloved pet, and to provide a place for their notes and stories as well. We promise to continue providing the highest quality service as Houston's Pet Funeral Home, always working to help preserve your memories forever.


7/11/1999 - 11/2/2011

I just want to sincerely thank you from my heart for the care, kindness, and respect you gave Sonrisa. You could not have made me any more comfortable in leaving Sonrisa in your care for her final preparations.

Sonrisa was my little girl and princess for just over 12 years. She has been my companion and best friend since she was six weeks old. Sonrisa went everywhere with me if just to the store, ride for ice cream, visit family and friends, and she even went with me to Venezuela for six months. She was always there for me during the good times and darkest times in my life. She won the hearts of every person that met her; she was a very special pet. I always said she was not a dog, she was a Poodle. Her name fit her well because Sonrisa is a Spanish word that means ‘Smile’ in English, and that is exactly what she would always give me…a smile on my face and in my heart. When she passed away on November 2nd, she took a piece of my heart with her. I miss her greatly and wish she was still with me, oh how I wish she was still here!

Chandra Miller
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11/4/96 - 8/27/11

I can't thank you enough for your kindness and the gentle way you cared for my precious Mikey. My children are so touched by all of the keepsakes you created for us. I look forward to the river rock for my garden and in the meantime, I will make a special Mikey keepsake for our home. I can't wait to share your lovely facility and your personal touch with my friends and people in the animal world.

I've attached a picture of Mikey from our last Christmas together. His cataracts were bad in this picture, but he was still our little baby boy. Thank you again for everything you did to make this difficult time a little less painful. With love,

Sherry Menger
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Our Eternal Puppy (d. 6/21/2011)

I want to thank you again and again for all the kindness and patience you showed us. I still don't know how I got through that day, but I do know that I wouldn't have been able to without your help. I especially want to thank you for letting me go to the crematory. The image of Molly resting peaceful when I laid the white rose next to her helps me remember that she is no longer trapped in her disabled body that the universe dealt her, and that she is now completely free. Looking back, I feel like I completed my duty and obligation as Molly's mommy. You took the time necessary (and I know it wasn't short...) for me to be ready to let her go, and you knew what to say to comfort me with such graciousness and much empathy. Molly also was very fortunate to have you and the services of Paws Memorial to assist her with her final journey. You are really a treasure to people like Jesse and I who love our furry children so much and consider them angels from heaven.

As for us, we still miss Molly so much. I believe that the pain and emptiness will eventually heal over but we will never stop loving and missing her. There are little things that I say or see or do that remind me of her and my heart sinks all over again.

Molly will always be the eternal puppy...With all the gratitude in the world,

Abby & Jesse Wood
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Jesse (aka Von H From Heavensheart)

10/15/98 - 5/26/11

Born in PA, purebred American Rottweiler, moved to Texas with mommy 2005. Loved lying in the grass soaking up the sun no matter how hot it was. Wonderful best friend anyone could have asked for in a lifetime. Jesse saw me through tons and stayed by my side. With the incredible help of Paws Memorial the last thing I could do for her is preserved for eternity. The invaluable service and care that is needed at a time of great heart break and sorrow made remembering my babygirl much more special. Thank you my Jesse for the life you gave me. Thank you Paws Memorial for the treasure of her life.

Julieann Hoskins-Long
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Words cannot express what you have given to my sweet little Lucy. Her service was perfect. She looked so peaceful and was treated with the upmost care and respect. When you said you would treat her like family that is exactly what you did. Furthermore, the amount of attention you paid to me, Lucy’s mommy, was going above and beyond. You listened to me and let me tell story after story after story about Lucy until I felt like it was time to let her go. My sweet little Lucy was my world and I wanted the best for her and that is exactly what she got yesterday. You gave me closure that I would not have gotten anywhere else. Keep doing what you are doing because what you do is so special and so important. My dogs are my kids – I see them not as animals but as people and I want them to be treated as such when they pass, and that is exactly what you do. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know...Thank you and God Bless you.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Kirkman
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Pooh Bear


The tears are starting to dry; and the void has begun to grow...missing Pooh Bear. His beautiful face exuded peace and tranquility all of his life; he was such an elegant boy. Pooh was so accommodating to everyone he met. In thirteen years, I never heard him "hiss" once. It just wasn't him.

He will be missed by many who knew him, but most by his human and animal family.

Susan Fenley
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Buster Boy


Buster Boy (aka Bubba) adopted our family in 2003, when he was two. He was with our family for 8 wonderful years. He was younger brother to two older Yorkie mix sisters, Gracie Girl & Bekah Joy...and I called him son! He brought us joy and happiness every day. He loved barking at all sorts of noises, and was funny to watch when he would be lying on his back, hear a noise and begin barking...not even moving. It was a sight!!

My baby boy left this world October 03, 2011 as he lay in my arms.

We never know, from one day to the next, what the Lord has planned for us. Although I will never understand why my boy became ill as he did...and was taken from us so soon...but I do know our Father in Heaven’s timing is perfect.

Cay, before we knew for certain we would need use of your services, I called and asked if you had time to talk. When you said you had all the time I needed, I was totally overcome with your compassion. You listened, and hoped as I hoped, that we would NOT need your services. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. Your professionalism, compassion, and obvious love for the service you provide, shows in your work. You provided our baby with the utmost respect and care...and for this I thank you!!!

Terrie Boyd
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Freckles was my child for 14 1/2 years. She brought so much joy to my life. Her toy box overflowed, but her favorite toy was a tennis ball. One year for Christmas I bought her a dozen of them. She was so excited she didn't know which ball to pick up. There were times she would sometimes fall asleep with a tennis ball in her mouth. Up until the day before I had to put her down, she was chasing tennis balls. I still miss her terribly. The compassion I received from Paws Memorial Service, made saying goodbye to Freckles a little easier. For that reason, I will be forever grateful to Cay. Freckles may be gone, but she will live forever in my heart. Lord, please let me be half the person my dog thinks I am.

Debbie Vyvial
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Our Sweet Little Man - (d. March 30, 2011)

We can't thank you enough for the kindness and respect you showed our beloved Bailey. Our hearts ache for him. He brought so much joy and love into our lives and the lives of others. He will be never be forgotten and will always be missed. We love and miss you Our Sweet Little Man!

Mandi and Ira Leary
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Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Sila's final preparations. While my remaining furbies and I are heartbroken, I couldn't be more pleased with the care and attention you put forth. Thank you again for giving her nothing less than the best all the way through.

With gratitude,

Michelle King
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On January 27, 2011 our beautiful Alex left this life. He was our pride and joy for over 13 years and will missed greatly. It was so reassuring leaving him in your care. Just hearing your voice was so comforting. Your personal touch, professionalism, and respect was very appreciated. You made this difficult time in our lives much better than we could have ever imagined. We are so pleased having our little angel back with us and have received many complements on the special package that was put together for him.


David Smith and Rodney Pena
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March 1995 – December 2010

Born in Tallahassee March of 1995, Autumn was a pure bred American Short Hair Florida State Seminole fan. After helping to see her dad through an auto accident his senior year and his graduation from Florida State University, Autumn moved to Florida in 1996 for a little over one year before relocating full time to Houston, Texas in 1997. After a long, happy, and full life of chasing and retrieving hair rubber bands (often stolen by dumping out the contents a purse onto the floor) and dragging around her beloved “piece of yellow rope” while howling for more fun time playing fetch, Autumn passed away on December 10, 2010. She will be missed more than any reasonable person can imagine.

A wonderful private memorial was held the morning of Saturday, December 11, 2010 on the beautiful grounds at Paws Memorial Service in Richmond, Texas. A very special Thank You to them for helping our family during our time of great sorrow. Your services are truly priceless. And another Thank You to Dr. Matt Filip at the Cat Veterinary Clinic for helping Autumn fight the good fight for as long as she was able. And to Brenda Gordon and Dominique Withoff who have both cared for Autumn over the years, thank you for your time, service, and care.

Justin N.
Houston, Texas
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d. February 21, 2011

Her head turned and she looked back at us from the litter. Her blue eye and pink nose immediately grasped our hearts and never let go. From that moment, Baby Bella was “the one”, and she would grow into the most beautiful harlequin Great Dane we’ve ever seen.

We’ve never seen any creature match her for her wild heart, her spunk, and her attitude. Her passions for food, chasing squirrels, cats, and other rodents, and basking in the warm sun have become legendary. We love her truly and know she’s enjoying all of those pursuits and more in her heaven.

She ran countless miles by our sides. She knocked us over oh so many times and dished out an infinite number of licks. Bella overflowed with continuous love and affection, and we’ll always hold her dear in our hearts.

Missing you always,
Alice, Eduardo, Mia, Catalina, and Isabella
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Chanel Gilbert

December 23, 2010

This little toy poodle was getting old, with bad eyes, teeth and hearing so a decision by the owner was made to take her to the shelter and get rid of the problem. Chanel came to CAP in December, 2005, cold ,dirty and so scared and all alone. Every day since that day I have been so thankful that she caught my eye and I wrapped her up in a towel and took her home. The other kids welcomed her from the start and she became one of the clan and was never a problem. Just give her a good meal and let her outside to roam and she was so happy. Always fed first and never afraid to voice her opinion or need for attention.

As time passed her eyes became cloudy and she couldn’t see anymore but that didn’t stop her, this poodle had a mind and strong will of her own and until the very end this girl was one strong lady. She was with me for 5 year and I enjoyed every minute of it. There is an bowl that will always be there for her. She is so missed.

My sincere appreciation to Paws Memorial Service and to Dr. Michael Moore for love they gave us in this struggle to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. Your kindness and caring will never be forgotten. Chanel is now with Mimi and Chuey waiting with bright eyes and a bark. Even if they are with us only a short time, they are still our family. We are the fortunate ones to have had them love us unconditionally.

Nan Gilbert
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Lexy Nichole Klehm

May 2005 – December 2010

Lexy was an intricate part of my life. She went everywhere with me and she brought such joy to my life. Lexy was my child, which made her passing all the more difficult and painful. I swear the only thing she was missing was a voice box because she seemed to know exactly what you were saying when I spoke to her. I treated her more like a person than a dog, which most people could not understand. We had a strong bond that will never end, even by death. Her love and memory will forever live in my mind and in my heart. Her death was very sudden and unexpected, leaving me feeling empty and completely saddened. I wanted to do something very special for her to show tribute to her and what she meant to me. My mom found Paws Memorial online and I decided that cremation was the best and most special tribute that I could pay to my dear, sweet baby, Lexy.

Cay at Paws Memorial was the most compassionate and caring person. She took such excellent care of my baby and I will forever be thankful for her. She was comforting to my husband and I during the cremation process and allowed us to properly say our goodbyes. Lexy is now in a better place in Heaven with God, but she is also in a beautiful urn next to our bed where we can remember all of the good times with her. Thank you so much Cay and Paws Memorial for giving me something special to remember my baby by. You are the best!

Amanda Klehm
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Laika II Prado

Paws Memorial is a place that provided us with a dignified crematory farewell to our beloved family dog Layka II.

Paws Memorial operates on a foundation of ethics, compassion and respect for the veterinary community and individual pet owners. They have a very informative website so our decision to go with them was easy. They offer private and segregated cremation options as well as custom urns and memorials. They are also available after hours and on weekends by appointment. They have a beautiful place in the country, that is kept clean, well organized and has peaceful seating areas either inside or outside of the building.

When we arrived at Paws Memorial we immediately knew that it was the right place to cremate our beloved family dog Layka II. The owner, Cay, was ready to receive our beloved pet, and provided us with complete information of the process. She also allowed us to spend time with our dog for a "viewing" before Layka II went for cremation. The ashes were ready to be picked up the following day. We received Layka II's ashes in a nice cedar box. In addition, Paws Memorial Services provide us with a packet that included Layka II's paw and nose print, fur, cremation certificate and some very nice poems.

Cay, Your compassion, care and understanding have been greatly appreciated.

The Prado Huitrado Family
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Tortilla Fenley

Tortilla was the youngest child of Dharma Sue and Pooh Bear Fenley (and sister of Oz the Great Fenley). She was a beautiful creature, born in the home she lived in for her eleven years on this earth. She was the smallest of the litter and required much help those first few weeks because she was so very tiny.

She was a Tortiepointe Himalyan beauty with deep blue eyes and the sweetest temperament one could ever wish for in any pet. She loved her people, Susan and Michael, and her cat family as well. She also lived with two Shelties, Woodrow and Reba Sue. She was everyone's "baby."

In late 2008, she developed major hypo thyroid problems, diagnosed after a trip to an animal specialty hospital and then on to her vet who also grew to also love her, Dr. Julie Duty at Rose Rich Veterinary Clinic. She was placed on medication for her thyroid, given three times a day by Michael....who was especially endeared to her. At that time, she had lost a good portion of her small seven and one-half pound frame, eventually dwindling to less than four pounds. With Michael's tenacity and Tortilla's strong will to survive, she gained most of her weight back over the next eighteen months, much to the amazement of her people as well as Dr. Duty. She became a happy kitty once again, playing and cuddling with her siblings.

As the fall of 2010 was upon us, she appeared to be losing weight once again. The week prior to her death was grueling, as she began to fail. And then it happened. On Friday afternoon, October 22, 2010, Susan and Michael came home fro work to a kitty that was in distress. She couldn't eat and spent most of her time cuddled up with Pooh Bear, her Daddy (a big Flame Point Himalayan) who somehow knew she was very, very sick. The next morning her body temperature had dropped dramatically and her eyes were dilated; she was clearly dying. Michael wrapped her in her favorite blanket and took her to Dr. Duty....and she passed before Dr. Duty could even get to her.

Michael suggested we call Paws Memorial to see what special way we might be able to honor her memory. Cay answered our call and within minutes, we took Tortilla to Cay. She was so accommodating and empathetic....and we so needed someone to try to understand how devastated we were. She explained the services Paws Memorial provided while we sat there with our beloved kitty.

Cay's compassion was so awesome; she knew the pain of losing an animal, as well as the dilemma of of "what to do with" our now lifeless pet. She spoke sincerely and softly and gave us great comfort.

Tortilla was cremated with the utmost of dignity so deserving of the beautiful creature she was. We will always remember Tortilla, and we will always remember the kind and sensitive services furnished by Paws Memorial. We truly appreciate having a facility like Paws Memorial so close to us...but more than that, we appreciate the kindness shown both Tortilla and ourselves when it came to parting with one another.

Thank you so much for being there for us.

Susan and Michael Fenley
Richmond, Texas
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My Little Acorn

The acorn came today, and it is truly the most magnificent acorn ever made! It brought tears to my eyes, as my Mother, Estelle loved nature, fed the deer, collected leaves that she cherished,and was just so sweet.

I want to thank you for helping me with this process, and being open to my ideas. It was so wonderful that you were able to have the moon and stars carved as well. You are a gem. Many thanks and be well and full of light.

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Doodle Dorn

This is a picture of Doodle in Florida last Christmas. That was her last cross country trip! She was enjoying the sunshine on the beach. Thank you so much for the care and tenderness you gave to my beloved Doodle. October 22 was a day I knew was coming for some time and while it was difficult and painful, your support for my special girl and for me as well gave me a sense of peace and helped with the transition. Paws Memorial is a ministry, and I am ever so grateful. My other girls, Pepper and Penney, and I are getting back to a new normal . . . with Doodle on the bookshelf overseeing it all. Thank you so much.

Susan Dorn
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Molly Ann Martinez

Molly was not just a pet she was a sister, a daughter and a best friend. She was a part of our family and was treated with respect and love. We treated her more like a person then a cat. We will forever miss her and always have her in our hearts. We can never replace her nor would we ever try.

Our family would sincerely like to thank Cay and Claudia for making this difficult time easier. Before finding Paws Memorial we had no idea what we were going to do with Molly's remains. With their help and professionalism, we have Molly in a beautiful urn at home where she belongs. [Read Tribute]

The Martinez Family
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Sadi My Lady

My baby left me at 11 AM on June 26, 2010, lying in my arms in our bed. She was home. She was cared for in a dignified way by PAWS Memorial. They came to my home. I followed them to their beautiful, serene place in the country where we had a viewing and I was able to kiss and love on Sadi just one more time. I waited in a lovely sitting room, with my wonderful, dear friend, Roger, until her cremains were ready and I brought my baby home forever to be with me. This is the saddest night of my life. Please pray for my angel baby. I've always called all of them my "6-pack" and I shall continue to do so with a slight change.

Only now am I able to tell you that it meant a lot to me that the services I needed and wanted were provided by you. I've spoken to a number of people about Paws Memorial because I would like others to know of the dignity that is shown and the impeccable conditions and serenity under which we let our babies go. [Read Tribute]

Marcella Pringle
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Puchito came into our lives on September of 1995 and from that day he was like our best friend and almost like a son. He lived with us 15 years and 5 months and each of those days we received from him lots of love and loyalty. He lived each moment of his life with ours, and represented for us not only a pet but a member of our family. February 26, 2010 was a heartbreaking and unforgettable day for all of us. Puchito physically left this earth. The pain and nostalgia overcame our lives and of those who also loved and cared for him. But, he is always in our hearts and now he is an angel that cares for us from above.

In our most grieving time, we put our trust in a cremation company, hoping that in return we would receive peace and comfort with Puchito's remains and that he would be once again close to our hearts for always. Unfortunately, we had the most disheartened news. Those remains that were with us, in our home, that we gave care to, we found were not our beloved Puchito. They were in fact some one else's pet. This was a devastating moment for us. The news caused us to have a lot of sorrow and disillusion. We are grateful to our vet and his assistant for their honesty. Without them we would have not known the truth.

Four months had passed since Puchito's died and he had still not been cremated. At the same veterinarian clinic we were then recommended to go to Paws Memorial Service. Paws Memorial contacted us and explained their services and how their policy worked. They even invited us to come and observe in the moment of Puchito's cremation. We appreciate how we received Puchito's remains and we were impressed with the professionalism and the details of how the process was handled, which can only be done when there is love and respect.

Thank you to Paws Memorial Service for returning to us our Puchito! [Read Tribute]

The Stanfield Family
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To the very end, Marley was treated with the utmost respect by Meagan at Banfield and Cay at Paws Memorial. Cay met us at Banfield and provided Ronnie and I with much needed support and comfort. She carried Marley out in a beautiful basket to her vehicle to prepare for his aftercare. On Saturday, June 12, Ronnie and I drove to Paws Memorial to pick up Marley's ashes. What should have been a very sad time, was actually made bearable when Cay showed us the lovely touches involved in memorializing Marley. The attention they took in Marley's aftercare was beyond anything I could have hoped for. They treated Marley as if they too had loved him all his life. [Read Tribute]

Veronica Paiyou
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I would like to thank you for helping us in our time of grief. Beau adopted me as his parent in January of 2001, and it was love at first site. From the first time I held him in my arms, I swore to love and protect him. So, it was with a heavy heart and sadness that we sent Beau to Heaven on June 14, 2010. Beau has left behind two parents that adored him, and many friends and family that sorely miss him. We know that Beau is watching over us, but that knowledge does not always take away the sorrow. We miss him dearly and know that one day we will be together as a family once again.

Gary D. Weaver


Winston was our 'good dog'. No other way to describe him; that says it all. Thank you for the kindness you showed to us, and the dignity you gave him. I cannot say enough how much it meant to me. You have a beautiful place and a beautiful service.

Christopher Barber


Thank you so much for the chance to give my rabbit Kajoor a proper funeral. I don't know how you manage to run such a heartbreaking business, but your services are not only wonderful but necessary. You provided an easy way to quickly let him rest, and I appreciate that.



On May 20, 2010 we lost our beloved dog Ginger. She lived a good long life and we loved having her for 14 1/2 years. The backyard was one of her favorite places to be especially when it was time for a barbecue cookout. Once she saw the pit, it was an outdoor event till the cooking was done. Eddie and I have had just a few dogs in our lifetime, but Ginger has left us with such holes in our hearts. She was just the perfect dog and we loved her so much. We are left with many fond memories and beautiful pictures of her to cherish. The day we lost her was terribly sad but strangely as beautiful as it could have been. From everything to my vets office to the paws memorial where she was cremated. I could not have asked for anything to be any more perfect than it was. From the love I felt from my vet to the love and compassion I felt from Cay & Claudia. Those 3 people made the saddest day in our lives just about as beautiful as it could be. I know it was Gingers time to go and feel so blessed to have had the love and care we received.

Ed and Cathy Ramsey

Michelle Mantor

Cay, thank you for all you do . . . thank you for your understanding, your strength that holds us up as we falter in sorrow and the tears on our behalf that you can't deny. And, thank you for giving a little piece of your heart to everyone that passes through your doors, both human and animal.

Michelle Mantor
Houston PetTalk
Houston Pet Talk Magazine


Here is a photo of Cayanne and I taken a few days before she left me. I can't thank you enough for the ability to say goodbye to her outdoors, in the peaceful country setting of your facility. Having her head in my lap while lying in the grass and looking at big trees before she passed brought both of us great comfort. I couldn't imagine having to say goodbye to my best friend any other way. By providing the opportunity for me to meet my vet there, you made one of the saddest days of our lives together a beautiful memory.

Nancy Block
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On September 22, 2009, we said goodbye to our fuzzy family member, Freya. At 14, she wasconsidered an ancient malamute. She joined our family when she was 5 weeks old. Up until two weeks prior to her death, she was healthy, still relatively sprightly and in good spirits. While I had started mentally preparing myself for her death, her deterioration was rapid and gut-wrenching to see. Her last moments were peaceful, with me and her dad by her side.

I wanted to e-mail you and say thank you for your compassion while I made arrangements for her cremation. Your service was prompt, considerate and offered many wonderful things beyond the individual cremation to help through the grieving process. My daughter, who is nine, was devastated by Freya's death, but took great comfort in reading the piece about the Rainbow Bridge and holding onto her plaster cast of Freya's paw print. Again, thank you for your help and compassionate service.

Denise Shaw
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I just picked up Brix's ashes from Rose-Rich Veterinary Clinic. I am so impressed with your services and wanted to say Thank You. The cedar box is beautiful. We also appreciate the packet of information along with his paw print and fur. You have certainly exceeded our expectations and given us something we will always cherish.

Thank you,
Madalyn Sklar
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I would like to take a moment to thank you and your assistant Claudia for the excellent service you provided for our beloved Lucky. Your compassion, sympathy, & understanding was very much appreciated. Lucky passed away in my wife Anessa's arms on January 11, 2010. We had him for six wonderful years. When he died I pondered our next move. My search led me to Paws Memorial. My decision was not made hastily. After speaking with you and visiting Paws Memorial, my gut feelings told me this is the place I wanted our Lucky to be. My feelings did not lead me a stray. It was the right decision. We were not disappointed. Lucky was treated with the utmost care and respect. It is very difficult for some to understand the bond between a pet and it's owner. They see no race, color, or economic status. We do not have children so Lucky was more than a pet, he was our baby, our family. Your service is very much needed along with your compassion and sympathy. It is a great thing to have such passion for ones work. I would not hesitate to recommend Paws Memorial service to anyone who is in need, just like we were. I hope that when we are gone we will reunite with our beloved pet Lucky at the rainbow bridge never to be separated again.

Salim & Anessa Mohammed
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This brings my thanks for the help & support you gave to me with Bennie & his arrangements. He was such a lively & intriguing little fellow & our days together were far too brief. He is greatly missed & lovingly remembered. With much appreciation for your care & concern.

Suzanne Hinds
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I just wanted to say Thank You once again. You have given me joy knowing my best friend (Rusty aka "Budda Butt") was treated with respect and dignity. The service you provided is beyond first class. Your compassion for my loss was true.

Thank you.
Russell Hurl
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Thank you for assisting Brian and I in the sudden death of our beautiful Amos. While still coping with the sudden loss of our rescued cocker pup of 8 months, your compassion was appreciated. Having to make sudden decisions, you gave us the time and information necessary to make the decisions that felt right for us. Thank you for the beautiful memorial of our wonderful little Amos.

Steve Lieblang
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