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“The greatness of a nation and it's
moral progress can be judged by
the way it's animals are treated. ”
By M. Ghandi

Forever In Our Hearts

Paws Memorial Service maintains an open door facility, with a guarantee that your pet will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Whether we meet you at our Center, your home or veterinary clinic, your pet will be handled at all times befitting the family member they are.

Knowing each family has their own desires when it comes to memorializing their pet, we offer two cremation packages with ashes returned: Private (solo) and Individually Partitioned. Great care is taken at our Center to ensure the ashes you receive are the ashes of your pet. Each pet entrusted to us receives a Paws MedallionTM, a special stainless steel tracking ID system providing positive identification throughout his or her entire time with us. Additionally, we maintain precise logs and recordings of all cremations performed.

We are here to assist you in tailoring a special tribute to meet your wishes and help you through your loss.

Private Cremation (Solo)


Upgrades available

The Golden Tribute

With the Golden Tribute, your pet is cremated privately, meaning
one pet at a time. This package includes:

  • Private (Solo) Cremation
  • Urn with Customized Engraving or Scatter Tube
  • Fur Clipping
  • Ink Pawprint and Nose Print
  • Grief Support Materials
  • Certificate of Cremation

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Individually Partitioned


Upgrades available

Our Loving Remembrance

With our Loving Remembrance, your pet is individually
partitioned and treated with the same care and respect as
with the Golden Tribute. This package includes:

  • Urn with Engraved Nameplate or Scatter Tube
  • Grief Support Materials
  • Certificate of Cremation

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PrePlanning Aftercare

Our pets are our family, so we will always want what is best for them. Although it’s difficult to think about, a pet’s life is far shorter than ours. Preplanning for your final journey together eases the stress when it comes to making this difficult and emotional decision. Making advanced arrangements gives you time to carefully compare and select the perfect service that memorializes your special friend. It also gives you a chance to visit our facility and meet the people who will take care of your beloved baby. So when the time comes, you can rest assured that each detail has been met with dignity and respect, insuring a memorial that will leave pawprints on your heart forever.

Visitation and Witnessed Services

For the ultimate peace of mind and comfort needed by some, special arrangements can be made for you to witness your pet’s cremation. Additionally, a memorial or remembrance service can often bring needed closure after suffering the loss of a treasured pet. Paws Memorial offers witnessing and visitation services tailored to your individual wishes upon request.

Euthanasia Comfort Room

The decision to euthanize your pet is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do. Because so many people prefer to say goodbye to their pet in a peaceful, quiet setting, we have almost 20 pastorial acres and a private comfort room available on-site for this purpose. Home euthanasia is also an alternative many owners do not realize they have. Either of these options allows your pet to remain in a more natural environment, eliminating the anxiety many pets face when entering a veterinary clinic. If this is something you prefer, we are here to help make arrangements to meet your desires.

“I can’t thank you enough for the ability to say goodbye to her outdoors, in the peaceful country setting of your facility....
You made one of the saddest days of our lives together a beautiful memory.”


Plan ahead or be sure to let your veterinarian know
you wish to use Paws Memorial Service.


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