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Questions To Ask A Crematory Provider

Know Your Provider - Know What Your Final Wishes Will Be

Do you personally do the cremation or is it contracted to a third party? If contracted to a third party, how are you affiliated with that company?

It is important to find out who is actually taking care of your pet. Get the name, location and phone number of the provider. At Paws Memorial Service, your pet is cremated at our facility and under our supervision, at one location.

What services do you provide?

A crematory provider should fully identify and define for you their cremation options and associated definitions (private, individual, communal, disposal). Be aware that "individual" cremation does not always mean private; "private" does not always mean one at a time.

Do you have a brochure explaining the services as well as a price list?

A reputable provider should be able to give information regarding their services and prices in writing.

Can I visit the facility?

If you are not permitted to inspect the operation of a potential provider, at your convenience, you probably should not trust them to take care of your pet. For your ultimate peace of mind, Paws Memorial Service highly recommends and invites you to tour our facility, understand the process and get to know who will be taking care of your special family member. We maintain a full disclosure, open door policy. There are no secrets in what we do.

Can I witness the cremation of my pet?

At Paws Memorial Service, arrangments can be made for you to witness your pet's private cremation. Your ultimate peace of mind is important to us.

How long does it take before I will receive my pet's cremains?

We recognize the need for closure. Private cremations are available for pickup at our facility within 24-48 hours.

If communal cremations are offered and being considered, what is the final disposition of the pet's cremains? Is it a location where you can visit?

Final disposition of cremains not returned to the owner should be specified in writing and provide for a dignified location were the owner can visit at will to pay their respects. Unfortunately, in the State of Texas, pet's cremains are considered waste and, unless returned to the owner, must be disposed of by crematory providers in compliance with Title 30 TAC Chapter 330 covering Municipal Solid Waste.

In conclusion, when making final arrangements for your beloved pet, Paws Memorial Service recommends that owners research their options, know the differences and make informed choices. Because it is difficult to ask the tough questions when your needs are immediate and you are overwhelmed with emotion, it is best to do this in advance whenever possible. Whether you use us or not, we are here to help answer any questions you might have. Feel free to give us a call at 281.342.PAWS (7297).


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